Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Trekking Adventure: Coorg

My first week here I was flipping through a copy of Indian Vogue when I came upon a travel section with recommendations for weekend get-aways all around India.  Normally when I flip through Vogue I'm in fantasy land- I stare longingly at clothing I'll never be able to afford, and dream about the assorted reccomendations I'll never be able to take. But in India... 

I still can't really afford any of the clothes, and I wouldn't be able to stay in any of the hotels they suggest... But I can get a heck of a lot closer than I would in the States!!

And thus began my desire to travel to Coorg.

The fact that it's home to many of India's largest coffee plantations didn't hurt (*she types with shaking hands because it's 3pm and she needs her mid-afternoon fix...)

This outfit was not approved by Vogue.

This stud get's 100% of the photo credit. Talented and cute? I am a lucky girl.

This is what I look like after hiking up hill for hours.

This is what my face looks like surrounded by acres and acres of coffee


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